SinkPositive is a retrofit for your toilet lid that turns it into a sink, delivering a clean, environmentally friendly, and touch-free hand wash with every flush

Sink Positive featured in The New York Times

SinkPositive has been featured in the well respected publication, the New York Times. Please find the article text below;

Five Beginners’ Steps to a Greener Home
A RECENT search for “green home” pulled up more than 15,000 book titles. Who has time to read them all? So this week, The Green Home tracked down Eric Corey Freed, the author of “Green Building & Remodeling for Dummies,” and asked him to distill this growing cottage industry of green advice into five must-do steps.

Is there a simpler way to capture and use gray water?
Actually, there is. It’s a toilet-topped sink called SinkPositive ( You replace the toilet’s heavy porcelain lid with this sink basin, which has a built-in faucet. When you flush, fresh water comes out of the faucet and you wash your hands with it. The soapy water collects in the toilet tank for the next flush.

Forgive me for asking, but how does the SinkPositive look?
Like something you might find in a dentist’s office.

Link to the article on The New York Times

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  1. We will be purchasing the Sink Positive in a few weeks. This is EXACTLY what the bathroom in our patio room needs since it doesn’t have a sink. It’s environmentally friendly and very sanitary which is always welcome in our home. Thanks for making this innovative product.

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