SinkPositive is a retrofit for your toilet lid that turns it into a sink, delivering a clean, environmentally friendly, and touch-free hand wash with every flush


Grey2Green is proud to partner with Anka Sustainable Ventures Fund, a private equity platform focused on companies with innovative environmentally or socially sustainable goods and services. SinkPositive is a patented retrofitted sink basin that replaces a toilet tank’s lid to enable a touchless hand wash with clean, supply line water before redirecting the used (grey) water to the toilet bowl for the next flush.

Recognizing the untapped market potential and broad patent protection enjoyed by SinkPositive and a future line of similar concepts and products, Anka became an early investor in the company and seeks to ramp up distribution and retail partnerships to mainstream the product across the United States, Europe and beyond. Anka also seeks co-investors, particularly strategic partners, with whom Anka and Grey2Green LLC can continue to grow.

Prior to its investment in SinkPositive, Anka first discovered the product while working on one of its properties, the award-winning National Homebuilder Mainstream GreenHome demonstration project. Mainstream GreenHome is the first LEED Platinum home in the Southeast U.S. and one of the highest profile green home projects in the world ( A team of researchers charged with showcasing for builders, specifiers and architects the next generation of pioneering green-building technologies introduced the SinkPositive to Anka principals. After rigorous testing, the team selected the product for placement in the Mainstream GreenHome.

About Anka Sustainable Ventures Fund

The Anka Sustainable Ventures Fund ( invests and advises in the acceleration of environmentally, socially or economically sustainable products, services and technologies. The Anka Sustainable Ventures platform leverages its unique network of institutions and entrepreneurs to rapidly grow innovative companies and enable the “sustainable economy.” The companies Anka works with are typically in the earlier stage of their growth cycle, but have a clear and compelling value proposition that can be scaled into larger profitable organizations. These companies strive to exemplify leadership in social, environmental and economic values. Anka invests capital, creativity and expertise to significantly grow these businesses so that they can have a positive impact on the communities in which they conduct business. The Sustainable Ventures Fund focuses on a diverse array of niches within the sustainable economy. Anka currently has active portfolio companies focused on areas as diverse as delivering the next generation of energy efficiency lighting, energy equipment installation and audit, energy efficiency financing, water conservation solutions and distribution of sustainable products and services. Whether it is working to transform an entire city’s carbon footprint or saving water one bathroom at a time, our companies share the common thread of producing profit while improving the social and environmental conditions in which we live and work. For more information about Anka, please contact

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